Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summers in Maine

When I was growing up we spent a lot of summers in Maine. I loved visiting the ocean, staying with our friends, the Porters, in their lovely log cabin, and eating huge pieces of pie at Helen's. It seemed like we were visiting Maine almost every summer when the 4th of July rolled around. I remembered my mom told me that when I was a little over a year she dressed me in a romper and we strolled downtown Machias to see the fireworks. Because summers in Maine can be pretty unpredictable she ended up having to bundle me up in her jacket because it turned really cold. A few years later, we watched the fireworks on the pier in Cutler. If you have ever seen the Sarah, Plain and Tall movies, the firework scene over the sea is what always reminds me of those summer holidays.

One of my favorite summers in Maine was when we were staying in Machias and Dad and my two older brothers decided to go blueberry raking. They rake, not pick, blueberries in Maine. They spent the entire afternoon raking berries and with their earnings they decided to take the family to Bar Harbor. 

Bar Harbor, to this day, is one my favorite places in the world. The four of us kids would spend the entire day at the water park there and we just thought it was the best thing ever. I also remember our family strolling through the downtown area and browsing the little shops. There was one shop of paintings that we would always visit. Every time we went back to Bar Harbor we ended up buying another painting. My parents have several paintings from that little shop and they are sweet reminders of our summers spent there.

Here I am wearing my 4th of July stars pleated skirt. Pleats and stars in the style of polka dots? Yes, please. This skirt was a thrifted find I scored while shopping with my sister-in-law, Dani. I always bring it out around this time of year.

Have a lovely July!