Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Instagram Dresses

Not too long ago I was scrolling through my lovely Instagram feed, where I am always endlessly inspired, and I stumbled across a dress that took my breath away. One of the charming girls that I follow had posted a photo of one of her engagement pictures. She was wearing a gorgeous lace dress with a beautiful pale pink dress underneath it. Out of curiosity, I inquired as to where she had found such a gem. She replied back to me in a comment that they were from Forever 21 and naming me a price she told me that they were mine if I wanted them! Um, YES please! Becca told me that she would send them in the mail to me that same day. I could not believe my luck! 

I received the dresses yesterday and I just have to say: they are a DREAM. I feel so girly and beautiful putting them on. It felt like I was ten again playing dress up! 

Here is the lace detail on the pale pink one. They are both so beautiful and I cannot wait to wear them! I feel very blessed to be the new owner of these lovely frocks and I'm so happy that I found a new Instagram friend as well! 

In Becca's note to me she told me that she has really enjoyed my blog. I felt so flattered that she had even looked at it! Becca, if you are reading this, thank you for brightening my day. I wish you the best with your upcoming wedding and your new life in Oregon! 

Have a lovely day!