Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Essential Oils Summer Recipes

It has been a hot minute since I blogged! I am hoping to become more faithful at it again but being a full-time wife and mom, and booking more photo shoots, my time seems to be so full lately. I do miss it so much though and am trying to be better at it!

I wanted to share with you all a few essential oil summer recipes that I have collected from my favorite oil company, Vitruvi. I absolutely adore their stone diffusers, fabulous oils, and minimalist packaging.

Just today, I haven't been feeling very good so I decided while the babe naps to make me a nice glass of lemon water, lounge on my bed, blog for a bit, and diffuse some oils. It smells SO good in my bedroom right now. I decided to try the "summer night in" recipe and gosh, its amazing.

I'm posting some oil recipes below to try for yourself! These are all super simple concoctions and a great way to incorporate some natural products into your home and lifestyle.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Colette's First Easter & Turning Five Months

This Easter was the sweetest one I have ever remembered. It was a very slow and relaxing day, celebrating what Christ has done for us and His power over death. We enjoyed a quiet family afternoon after church, grabbing take-out and going home to put the baby down for a nap. After Josh and I were able to spend some sweet time together (quality time as a couple is far less frequent with our little addition ;), we watched Colette discover her first Easter basket. 

It was so much fun putting some sweet things together for my precious girl. We snapped some photos of the occasion and afterwards I began cooking a casserole for our family Easter dinner. We spent the rest of the day at my parents' house where my sister captured this precious photo of our little family.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Favorite Target finds

I have always been obsessed with Target but since being home with our little girl, it's truly become one of our favorite date spots and outings for this girl to get out of the house for awhile, browse the aisles, and soak up all the inspiration. :)

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite finds that I have gathered over the past few weeks and months. I love discovering a good Target find and so I thought I would return the favor..... enjoy! (All items are linked underneath each photo).

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Baby's First Easter Basket

I have had too much fun creating Colette her first Easter basket because, let's be honest, this basket is more for Mama than for baby at this stage. Even still, filling it with things she will enjoy and use has been such an enjoyable little project.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

March // What I Read

by Mary Oliver 

This book had peaked my interest for quite some time because I had heard various people talking about it and the beautiful cover also drew me in. I must say that although a few of the poems were mildly entertaining, as a whole, I was quite disappointed. I also understand that this is a very unpopular opinion so we can agree to disagree. Maybe I don't have much of a poetic soul but I just found most of the poems to be hard to understand and wasn't touched deeply at all...if any. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Feature Friday: Sassy Sparrow

Today I am so excited to share one of my absolute favorite small businesses with you! I was first introduced to Sassy Sparrow almost a year ago and have since gotten to know some of the incredible girls behind this shop and I am a huge fan! Sassy Sparrow is an artisan handbag company in Forrest, Illinois, that consists of a mother and five sisters. Their handbags and satchels are stunningly gorgeous and made of the finest quality leather and materials. They are truly designed to be classic wardrobe pieces that you will treasure forever. 

Grab your cup of tea and settle in for a fun little Q&A! If you would like to shop their collection of beautiful handbags and accessories than you can do so here.  Be sure to follow their sweet account on Instagram here too! They have the best posts and I have so much fun watching their stories! 

Friday, March 8, 2019

My Must-Have Items for Baby

I have enjoyed experiencing motherhood so much! There have definitely been some items that have helped with the process of having a new baby in the house and today I wanted to share those items with you! From the small things to the bigger things, all of these products are ones we genuinely use and love!