Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I was rummaging through my small jewelry brass box on my vanity yesterday and stumbled upon some beautiful little charms that I had collected from Anthropologie a few years ago. One of the many things I love about charms are the special memories that are attached to them. A few of my favorites, like the gold heart locket, the love letter envelope, the heart whistle, and the little pencil, were given to me by my husband the first Christmas we were married. The compass charm is a reminder of a girls' trip to Memphis that I took with my friend, Sarah, in honor of her birthday. The larger locket holds our engagement picture.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated with the charm bracelet that hung from my grandmother's wrist that she wore every Sunday that we went to church with her. I remember asking her time and time again what each charm stood for and the story behind it. I am a very sentimental person so naturally, I am drawn to the little trinkets.

When I first discovered that Anthropologie was selling these little beauties I became obsessed. The creator, John Wind, designs beautiful charms and he designed these particular charms especially for Anthro. A few of the charms I later realized are actually one-of-a-kind charms that were picked from Paris flea markets (like my pencil charm that actually works!).

I have quite the collection of these little guys (I told you I was obsessed!). In an effort to live more minimal and to let others share in the joys of these charms, I have decided to put a few of them up for sale. Of course, I am keeping the ones that are near and dear to my heart and hold special memories for me but there are a few charms that I snagged when I found out Anthropologie was discontinuing them. Some of them I have never had the chance to wear. If you are interested in growing your charm collection and would like to shop mine then you can look and buy them here (no longer available). 

Thank you for allowing me to share my little charm collection with you. If you don't have one yourself you should totally begin one. Have a charming day! 

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