Monday, July 6, 2015

More of 1876 // A list to cure the Monday blues

I struggle with the Sunday blues. I have for a long time. Usually beginning early Sunday evening a little anxiety and sadness will creep in. I understand why I would have those feelings while I was working at a job I didn't particularly like but now that I am home I don't quite get it. 

I will say that I am pretty attached to this amazing guy and I always hate to see our weekends come to an end. He is my best friend and I enjoy sharing everything with him. When I see the weekend draw to a close, sometimes it brings me back to the balcony scene in Kate and Leopold when Kate says, "It's Sunday. I don't want it to be Sunday. I want more of this. More of 1876. Sunday is the day before the day I work so it's poisoned." 

That is a little bit melodramatic but I do always try to soak up what is left of the weekend with Josh. Usually our Sundays end with us watching something together and me laying on his lap while he runs his fingers through my hair and whispers sweet optimisms in my ear. He is the best. 

Here is a list of ten things to do that will make for a happier week: 

1. Always be thankful for another week. Each day (even Monday) is a gift. 
2. Tackle something that has been giving you anxiety.
3. Do something anonymous for someone that costs you something. 
4. Donate a box of things you don't need anymore. 
5. Seek forgiveness and be eager to forgive. You will never regret it. 
6. Send a handwritten note to someone. 
7. Tidy up your house. A cleaner space always makes me feel calmer. 
8. Have someone in your home every week and cook a meal for them. 
9. Keep a list of things you are thankful for and look at it often. 
10. Try your hand at something new.


  1. No 7 reminds of a quote I love, "Outer order creates inner calm." Loving your blog!