Friday, April 22, 2016

Travel Necessities & Tips

So my mother is just the sweetest lady in the whole world. I already knew this but it's always nice to be reminded when she does little things like this. I have traveled quite a bit but it's been awhile and my parents travel all the time. Like All. The. Time. So she was very kind and thoughtful to put together a little bag for us of things that we would need for our trip.

I've also been trying to collect tips from people who have been to Paris or Amsterdam before. You know, favorite spots to eat, dos and don'ts of Parisian society, and those touristy traps to avoid. I have one Instagram friend who sent me a myriad of wisdom about Paris and her numerous trips there. It is going to be super helpful to us.

Along with planning for our trip, I also try to stay inspired by reading, watching films, and listening to music....all French or Dutch inspired. The book below has been a fun little read but all the while I've just reminded myself it is a secular read so there are parts that are not the greatest morally. Take the fun, helpful tips and throw out the rest.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shopping for a Parisian Holiday

When I found out we were going to Paris in the spring one of the first things I thought of was shopping! I need new clothes! I have to look Parisian! :) (Any excuse to shop, right?). Well my husband knows me well because when he gifted me with a vintage map of Paris for Christmas he also included a special note with a French phrase scribbled on it. I discovered the note said that I had an allotted amount of money to spend on a shopping spree for Paris. I was so so ecstatic and began my search for a few little outfits to wear while roaming the streets of Montmarte, Champs-Elysees, and along the Seine. I collected an inspiration board of different looks I loved and kept an eye out for similar styles when browsing online. I thought I would share some of my Parisian style inspiration with you because what girl doesn't love pretty, feminine, adorable things?