Monday, February 5, 2018

Dreaming of Spring

January through March are hard months for me. They are cold and dreary and for someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, they certainly don't help the situation. I have to try and find little snippets of beauty and delight where I can. 

Lately I have been dreaming of spring and how wonderful it will be ~ particularly this year. Today I donned one of my favorite white dresses, dabbed my wrists with perfume, and scribbled down a poem on the subject. 

Yesterday was something of the ordinary but lovely too. Ordinary days can be magical as well if you only look for the magic in it. After church, we enjoyed lunch with my sister and her family and then the husband sneaked away to select our favorite pastries to take home with us. We stopped by a bookstore on the way home and I found a copy of Commonwealth on the sale rack, along with vintage classical Alice in Wonderland prints. I selected two to color and frame for my niece's bedroom. 

For a girl that loves period dramas I just finished one that I couldn't get enough of. The intricate characters of The Forsyte Saga got a hold on me and watching the series was like experiencing a book unfold before my eyes. I now am in search for the book it was based upon...

Wishing for spring has also made me anxious to fill my home with plants again. I've been looking all over to see which ones I can add to my collection this year. My lemon tree in my bedroom now has some new blooms and I may have dreamt it but it seems a bit taller too. 

What simple pleasures are filling your days while you wait for spring? 

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  1. Oh I know the winter problems! Does it get as dark during the days there as it does here in Iceland?
    Your photography and handwriting is as beautiful as ever!
    Btw. I am a sucker for periodical dramas. I'm watching a series called "Reign" and I am hooked! Have you seen it?!