Wednesday, February 28, 2018


1 Book hunting has truly become one of my greatest passions. Purchasing new books can be nice every now and then but searching through used books and stumbling on a vintage edition or a gently worn read gives me all the feels. 

2 I've been going through Grand Hotel on Netflix and am completely obsessed! I'm trying to find the balance of wanting all the details of this beloved story but not binge-watching too quickly and savoring this treat of a series. 

3 I just recently discovered Brooklyn Candle Studio and am loving their scents. I treated myself and ordered their travel kit with four various candles you can hand-pick yourself and not only do these soy candles smell heavenly, their packaging and illustration is impeccable. 

4 I adore my Ohhio chunky merino wool blanket. It is the perfect winter accesory to snuggle up with and read or watch a film. 

5 Currently reading The Woman in the Window and I can't put it down! 

6 I've been totally enamored with the feel and style of Helena Moore on Instagram. All of her gorgeous clothes and glimpses of her home leave me completely inspired. 

7 My favorite new plant I just recently picked up is a rabbit foot fern. It's so beautifully whimsical and has been very easy to care for so far. 

8 I've been itching to try my hand at painting for years and hoping to dive in soon! Any tips or advice would be appreciated. :) 

9 Favorite new artist I've discovered lately is Julie Byrne. Perfect for a rainy, chill day. 

10 New beauty obsession: Glossier milky jelly cleanser. Leaves my skin so soft and clear. 


  1. Been loving Julie Byrne too! If you are looking for another artist that is very similar sounding, I've been super crushing on Nadia Reid- especially the songs Holy Low and Hanson St (Part 2). They are both wonderful. Oh and if you'd like some tips/advice on painting, I've got plenty ;)

    1. I’m sorry I’m just now responding Jenni! You are the sweetest! Thanks for all your tips and yes, I’ll definitely take you up on the painting ones!

  2. I found you a month or so ago and I just want to live in your pictures and Instagram feed. It's just so calming. I feel like I've found another old soul. Anyway, I am also so glad to see someone else obsessed with
    Grand Hotel. I watched it like 2 years ago and binged every second I could. When it was over, i was sooo upset! It's just great- everything about it.

    1. Hello JuliAnne!

      It’s so nice to “meet” you! Yes!!! Grand Hotel was sooooo good...I was literally depressed for like a week after I was finished. I’m still bummed because I want more seasons!