Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tips to Keeping a Tidy Home

One question I get asked a lot is, "How do you keep your house so clean?". Well, let's be honest....I don't own any pets and I don't have any children at the moment so that makes housekeeping 100x easier. Also, believe me, my house does get cluttered and messy just like everyone else's, I just don't share those pictures with the world. ;)

I've collected some tips over the years that have helped with keeping a clean and organized home and I thought I would share them with you. Take and leave what you want. Everyone's lifestyle is different and to each their own.

1. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner. For years, Josh and I owned a very small and simple vacuum. Partly because we didn't want to store anything bulky and partly because we were starting out and didn't want to invest in an expensive one. While it cleaned up some areas decently, I didn't know what I was missing until we purchased a Bissell from Amazon. Oh my stars, when that thing arrived it was like Christmas morning. We chose one of those models where you can see the dust bunnies swirling around and can track your progress. I had no idea that we had that much dirt floating around our house. Btw, I'm not being sponsored by Bissell (or any other company on this post), I just was so happy to get my hands on a super vacuum that really gets the job done.

2. Take your shoes off at the door. I get some flack about this but I swear by it. I grew up where we didn't wear shoes inside the house and our family spent a lot of time up north where the custom is much more common. Our home stays cleaner much longer without having foot traffic all over the house. Not to mention all the grime and germs you are bringing into your home by keeping your shoes on. Kick them off and relax.

3. Don't let your dishes make themselves at home in your sink. I am guilty of this too many times but if I have the time, I try to keep the kitchen tidy and the dishes washed. The house can be in disarray but if the dishes are done I feel so much better.

4. Keep your drawers and closets organized. Take a day and clean out your dresser and closet. If you are feeling extra organized, you can color code your closet so it's much easier to find what you are looking for. My drawers have a specific section for every item and so when putting away laundry I know exactly where everything goes so when I need it it actually makes getting dressed that much faster. Throw out worn bras and underwear and those socks that you know you will never find the match to. It frees up space for your basics that you actually get the most use from.

5. Purge. Occasionally I will go through our home and choose several items of clothing, home goods, or expired products and either throw them out, sell them, or donate. You will be surprised at the weight that is lifted off your shoulders. Learning to live with less and with more intentionality is the greatest feeling. Less to clean, keep track of, and worry about.

6. Organize your mail. I despise piled up mail. Josh and I have gotten into the habit of going through the mail right away and throwing anything out that is junk and anything that is important we file in a filing cabinet for safe keeping. This method definitely helps items not to get lost and keeps clutter at bay.

7. Clean out your fridge while putting groceries away. Out with the old and in with the new. This is a habit I adopted a long time ago and it's worked well for us. While unpacking my grocery bags I'll swap out any expired items or leftovers that we no longer need before replacing with fresh inventory.

8. Hang your clothes back up. As soon as I undress I throw anything that needs washing in the laundry room and if my clothes are still clean, I go ahead and put them back in their place. This saves me time later from picking up piles of clothes.

9. Iron, fold laundry, and mend clothes with some company. These tasks become much more enjoyable and I find I complete them more regularly when I am catching up on a favorite Netflix show or listening to a podcast.

10. Spread the love around. Rome wasn't conquered in a day and neither should your house be. Instead of over-whelming yourself with trying to get everything clean and organized, do a little at a time. Give yourself one or two tasks to complete each day. You will feel accomplished and the house will stay cleaner and tidier longer.

I hope one or more of these little tips may help you in your journey to a cleaner home! I've learned that while adopting these as habits, it makes my life a lot easier and keeps my home tidy and organized. Do you have some favorite tips of your own? Please spill! :)

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