Friday, April 7, 2017

A Touch of Whimsy // Michelle Starbuck Designs

I came across Michelle Starbuck Designs a couple months ago and instantly fell in love with the vintage-inspired and geometric designed jewelry. Each piece is handmade and beautifully crafted from vintage findings. I absolutely adore the fact that each item is re-purposed and created into something unique, lovely, and one-of-a-kind. 

Michelle began making jewelry for herself with broken pieces of vintage jewelry that she found on eBay. She was working at a boutique in Chicago at the time so she was able to study the handmade jewelry in the shop and figure out how it was made.

The jewelry designer goes on to say that her design process is a bit backwards. She looks for materials first and then designs around them. Michelle uses a lot of vintage findings that she digs out of old warehouses. She eventually reached the point where she could look at a piece of metal or a bead or a gem and know immediately what she wanted to create from it. 

I hope you will check out Michelle's online shop and her beautiful pieces. I simply adore wearing her jewelry and I think you will too! 


This blog post was sponsored by Michelle Starbuck Designs but all the shared opinions are my own. The brands I feature on this blog are backed by my genuine love for the product. Thank you for supporting the shops that help Thistle Harvest grow. 

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