Monday, October 21, 2019

Hallway Bathroom Refresh

I have recently been working on some home projects...just updating and refreshing our space. I am trying to renovate on a small budget so I've been mainly using what we already have, picking up some things here and there for awhile now, and selling things online that we no longer love to use the money to purchase quality items that we see owning and using for years to come.

The first room I decided to work on was one that has been a lonnnnggg time coming. It's a room not many people usually see (at least online) since it doesn't have any windows therefore no natural light. I like to shoot all of my photos in natural light so I've never shared this bathroom...until now.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Framing a Keepsake with Frame It Easy

We've had this gorgeous map of a city that is special to us in many ways for awhile now but I had been unable to find anyone to frame it for me. I had this vision of it hanging above our couch in our den and I couldn't wait to display this 1963 original street index map in our home.