Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy 30th, my love

Today is a very special day. Thirty years ago my best friend was born in Huntsville hospital. His mother was fifteen at the time and was alone and scared so she gave him to her father and step-mother to raise. This lovely older couple became his adopted parents. Josh often shares with me stories of his beloved childhood raised by two people he completely idolized. Josh would go on to care for them both, even up until their passing from this world. He sacrificed so much, dropping out of high school and social life with friends, to come home from work each day and see that they had a home-cooked meal and company to share it with. This was actually the very thing that first drew me to him.

We were working together at a church we were attending at the time. My first day of work he created a special wallpaper & screen-saver on my desktop with a coffee-shop and cafe scenes. He often stopped by my office to chat, ask if he could grab me anything while he was out to lunch, and even purchased me daisies anonymously one Valentines Day so I wouldn't feel left out. We became fast friends. I was trying to get over someone else so that's all we were for a long time until slowly, day by day, I realized what a gem this guy was. He shared with me his story, his passions, his deep love for his family. I saw how he cared for his mother and his devotion to her, often leaving work to go home and see if she needed anything, while the rest of us went out for dinner and movies. That hit me hard. I thought to myself, "What kind of guy would be so self-less to put his life on hold to care for his family?". I knew that's the kind of man I wanted. 

Josh and I dated for almost two years, were engaged for six months, and were married on the lawn of an antebellum house on a cold autumn day. These past four and a half years being married to him have been the greatest of my life. Yeah, we got a rough start, with me breaking my ankle on our honeymoon and him losing his job just a few months into our marriage, but all the highs and lows have only strengthened our bond. I know him deeper and more intimately than anyone and I will be the first to say...he's the real deal. He loves God will all his heart, is loyal to a fault, and cares for his family and friends like no one I have ever seen. The way he serves and loves me blows me away everyday. I honestly think all the time how I don't deserve him. Pondering how God chose such a wonderful man to be my companion for life gives me a glimpse of my Father's love for me in a whole new way. 

Josh, you are such a treasure. I hope you have the best of days. 

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