Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Notes From Four French Chicks

I've been flipping through this wonderful little book for the past few weeks anticipating my trip to France. I wanted to get a glimpse into the lives of true Parisians. Disclaimer: it is a secular read so there may be words/advice that could be offensive. Although there were parts of the book I didn't care for, I did come away with a few tips here and there and phrases or stories that put a smile on my face. Here are a few of my favorites...

Everyday tips...

*  Throw coffee grounds down the drain, never in the trash. They help degrease the plumbing and remove bad smells.

*  Aspirin in the water makes your roses live a little longer.

*  Find "your perfume" before you turn thirty. Wear it for the next thirty years.

*  No one should ever see your gums when you talk or laugh.  (This one made me laugh out loud)

*  Go to the theater, to museums, and to concerts as often as possible: it gives you a healthy glow.

*  Not too much makeup, too many colors, too many accessories...take a deep breath and keep it simple.

*  Either go all gray or no gray hair. Salt and pepper is for the table.

*  New shoes can be slippery. Catwalk pros cut up the soles with a knife - but rubbing them with half a raw potato works just as well.

*  To give your hair that extra shine, use half a cup of white wine vinegar - simply pour it over your hair and rinse.

*  Your skin, hair, and nails all love beer. Not the kind you drink-that gives you a belly-but instead beer in the form of brewer's yeast. Sprinkle it on salads, steak, vegetables. It's an excellent alternative to salt.

*  In the baby section at the drugstore you can find sweet almond oil for next to nothing. Once you start using it, you'll never look back: it's a great hand and body moisturizer.

*  Before throwing out a juiced lemon, rub it on your fingernails-it'll strengthen and brighten them.

*  Once a week, brush your teeth with baking soda-it's a natural whitener.

*  Newspapers are perfect rags for cleaning windows, and they're more eco-friendly than paper towels.

What you won't find in her closet...

*  Logos. You are not a billboard. 

*  Sweatpants. No man should ever see you in those. Except your gym teacher-and even then. Leggings are tolerated. 

*  Blingy jeans with embroidery and holes in them. They belong to Bollywood. 

*  UGG boots. Enough said. 

*  A skimpy top. Because you're not fifteen anymore. 

*  A fake designer bag. Like fake breasts, you can't fix your insecurities through forgery. 

Hope you had fun reading this delightful (and humorous) little list! Have a lovely day, friends! 

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