Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019: A Year in Review

2019 was all about navigating parenthood. Life with a newborn is quite the adjustment but it was so wonderful to finally experience motherhood. There were so many surreal moments and I still can't believe every morning when I wake up that I have the amazing privilege to be a mama to my precious Colette.

With the incredible role of motherhood also comes a lot of mundane days, and instant life changes. To be honest, in a lot of ways, it was one of the most fulfilling years but also one of the hardest years. Becoming a parent brings more joy than I can ever convey but it's also so much harder than I ever imagined. The responsibility, sacrificial love and care that you pour out 24/7, the exhaustion, relinquishing control of your time and expectations, all of it.

2019 brought a lot of loneliness and isolation. I drifted from a lot of my friendships (albeit distance, stages in life, busyness, etc.). I have truly learned that no one is there for you quite like your family and sometimes they are the only people you are able to pour into and that is ok. Making friends and keeping friendships into adulthood is freaking hard. There are still a lot of lonely days but it makes me grateful for my family all the more and the friendships I still am able to cultivate even if it's not as much as I'd like.

I did get to spend a lot of time with my beloved parents, my sister and her kids, and cultivate a closer relationship with Josh's family which I'm so thankful for. 

In February, Josh and I got away for Valentines and took an adventure to Nashville. We stayed in this gorgeous tree house where we had always wanted to stay. He treated me to see DWTS live and it was so much fun! He also treated me to Ruth's Chris for the first time and this steak lover definitely wasn't disappointed! :)

Witnessing Colette grow this year was so amazing! I am so incredibly blessed to be a stay at home mama and get to be with her all day everyday and I strive not to take that for granted. I'm truly living my dream.

We got to experience all of Colette's firsts this year! Every holiday was that much more special and magical. Hearing her first say "Mama" and "Dada", teaching her to crawl and then to walk, putting together an Easter basket for her, dipping her toes in the ocean for the first time, all of it. It's been THE best. 

This past year I continued blogging, (although not as much as I'd like because #parenthood), created even more content for Instagram and actually started being paid for sponsorships. I took up more photography jobs and shot another wedding which I hadn't done in a few years. I shot my third live birth (which never loses it wonder) and worked on some house projects.

Our little family went on our first family vacation with my family to Gatlinburg in May. One of our favorite things we did was go through the Titanic museum there (highly recommend!).

In July I underwent fairly extensive endometriosis excision surgery. We had been praying about the decision for awhile and I am so glad to have it done and behind me. My doctor believed he got 100% of my endometriosis and I feel so blessed to have been able to have it taken care of. Recovery was really tough but I got through it! If you or someone you know struggles with endometriosis and are thinking about having excision, then I would love to talk to you about it!

In August Colette and I traveled to Tampa to visit family. It was Coco's first time flying and she did great! We stayed with my brother, Nate, and had the best time! I am so glad we made the spontaneous decision to do it! It was so fun to spend time with family, unwind, and relax. 

Our family then took another little trip with some dear friends in September to the beach. It was also a great time to get away and make some special memories. Colette loved the sand and water!

In November for our 8th wedding anniversary, Josh and I once again took a mini road trip to Memphis (second anniversary in a row to spend in the city). We ate some great bbq and spent time at Ikea, saw a rare movie, and just enjoyed a lot of much needed alone time. 

Fall was incredibly special as we took Coco to the pumpkin patch, dressed up in family Halloween costumes, and did all the fun autumn things. 

Colette turned ONE in November and we had a sweet apple orchard themed birthday party for her. It was such a special time celebrating our little girl. 

Christmas was so magical this year witnessing Colette's eyes sparkle at the Christmas tree lights and seeing her get so giddy opening her presents! For Christmas, Josh gifted me with experiences. He knew that this past year had bit a bit rough for me so he wanted to make 2020 very special with some amazing memories. 

I can't wait to experience some fun new things together in 2020, work on more home renovations, spend more days with Coco, and grow in my relationship with the Lord like I never have before. Thank you for following along with our little family. 

Happy New Year!

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