Monday, October 21, 2019

Hallway Bathroom Refresh

I have recently been working on some home projects...just updating and refreshing our space. I am trying to renovate on a small budget so I've been mainly using what we already have, picking up some things here and there for awhile now, and selling things online that we no longer love to use the money to purchase quality items that we see owning and using for years to come.

The first room I decided to work on was one that has been a lonnnnggg time coming. It's a room not many people usually see (at least online) since it doesn't have any windows therefore no natural light. I like to shoot all of my photos in natural light so I've never shared this bathroom...until now.

I completely forgot to take any before photos but let's just say that the walls were an electric sea blue (my taste has drastically changed since we had them painted eight years ago). The white trim, cabinets, and overall feel of the bathroom definitely needed a face lift.

I began painting the room a calming grey. I love how a can of paint can instantly transform a space and in our case, it made our tiny bathroom feel much bigger. I also repainted the trim a bright white and everything looks more clean and fresh. In this artificial light it's difficult to see the true grey color but believe me, it's good! :)

Some small but definite noteworthy changes I made was to switch out the shower curtain (a cheap and easy refresh but so so satisfying!), change up the styling on the shelves adding some new touches, and swap out the towel hooks.

The floor was in need of a good refresh too and although I scrub and clean the floor, over time it can just look pretty dingy. I found these handy grout pens on Amazon that matched the color of the floor! I just went over the grout with it like a sharpie would and it looks brand new! So pleased with the outcome. 

Our bathroom cabinet/sink needed some TLC (or to be replaced) but we didn't want to spend the money on it right now. I decided to paint the cabinet the same color as the trim and it looks great! It also looks almost new. It's so amazing what a little paint can do! 

I switched out the mirror for one that matched the shelves and it's a bit bigger than our old one so it brightens up the room and makes it look larger than it really is. The mirror, shower curtain, and trash can all came from Target and are things I picked up over the past year or so. Tip: If you know you are going to be renovating/redecorating a space, slowly collect things so you aren't purchasing a lot of items at one time. 

I love the way the bathroom turned out and I didn't spend that much either! The small changes completely transformed the space and it's a much calmer, cleaner, and fresher room. 

shower curtain trash can mirror / shelves & brackets are from West Elm; similar
towel hooks / hand towel hook / Anthropologie hand towel; similar

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  1. I love those shelf brackets! I've never seen a branchy style like that before- they add the perfect amount of quirkiness to the space. It turned out lovely. Too bad we couldn't see the "before" pictures to compare, but I can envision how much better it looks now with the facelift!