Friday, June 24, 2016

My Four Favorite Coffee Shops in Paris

When preparing for our trip to Paris I spent hours and hours researching the top places to see, eat, and you guessed it...drink coffee. I decided I wanted to do a little coffee shop tour of Paris so I made a list of places I wanted to try! These are my top four favorites that I visited... 

Boot Cafe 

This tiny coffee spot was once a cobbler shop. I had seen it posted on Pinterest before and the day we were strolling through Le Marais trying to find it we almost walked right past it. Josh actually stopped me and pointed across the street asking, "Is that it?". Seeing this adorable shop in person was like stepping into my Pinterest feed. There are only three tables inside so we were lucky to have come at a slow time in the afternoon and quickly grabbed one. The girl behind the counter was so friendly and she suggested I order a flat white. It was honestly, the BEST coffee, hands down, that I had in Paris and one of the best cup o joes I have ever had in my life. We rested our weary feet, found the wifi password tucked away in a book on the shelf, and just sat there peacefully watching the occasional pedestrian pass by. If you are visiting Paris and only get to visit one coffee shop then make this the place! 


This coffee shop is an Instagrammer's dream. With it's raw distressed walls, turquoise and white tiling, exposed copper piping, marble-topped counters, and speckled-vintage mirror, it has instant modern appeal. 

Located in Le Marais as well, this superb coffee shop whipped up yet another amazing flat white. 
It's interiors will leave you awe-struck and inspired. A real treat. 

Shakespeare and Company Cafe 

A bit touristy, yes, but still fabulous enough to be included in my favorites. This quaint coffee shop is nestled on the corner beside the historically famous, Shakespeare and Co. bookstore. What made it even more special to me is discovering that the owner of the bookstore had always wanted a literary cafe next door and his daughter finally made his dream a reality in 2015. I'm a sucker for sentimentality. When remodeling the old building they tried to salvage as much of the original features as possible, such as the ancient stone walls-even the space's old garage doors were re purposed into (what else?) bookshelves. Order a latte and a slice of their lemon pie and sit at the bar overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame. Parfait! 


Honor was my second favorite spot that we discovered. Just off a cobbled courtyard, you will have to look for the sign sitting on a busy street or you are likely to walk right by it. Situated off Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, it is surrounded by posh stores such as Burberry and Moschino. 

Josh and I had to walk a pretty piece to get here so after ordering we entered the tiny sitting area around back. Yes. They have THE cutest little covered space that you can enter through a side door behind the bar to sip coffee, read, and study for hours. We rested our swollen feet and chatted with the two loveliest baristas. I ordered their specialty, "the night brew", a cold brew served in a flask-like bottle.
 It was very good but if I went again I would love to try a latte or flat white in one of their 
signature robin blue cup and saucers! 

There were a few other coffee shops that I really wanted to try but didn't get around to it with our busy schedule. I'm hoping if we ever visit again one day to check out the others, as well as re-visit my favorites. 

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