Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I think those closest to me would say my current favorite color is white. White walls, white dresses, white mugs, white kitchenware, white bed linens.  I love the simplicity and clean look the crisp color conveys. There is something so feminine and angelic about a white lace dress. I like to think of white walls as a canvas on which the creative mind has no boundaries. You can either add splashes of color in rugs, artwork, or bold furniture, or you may choose to leave the room as minimalistic as possible.

I have read articles and followed people on Instagram that have painted their trim, walls, and ceilings all the same color throughout their home and pulled in color accents from furnishings or artwork. It gives a home a very clean, cohesive look. I have not yet gone to that extreme but I do love some good neutrals. My home is mainly made up of white, greys, a warm, coffee color for our den, and you guessed it, more white. I like having a continuous feel throughout the home.

When I first got married I picked out the colors for our newly renovated home. Every room was a different color and some were very bold choices. I chose anywhere from deep blue, to baby blue, to grey, to dark brown, to mustard yellow. It's funny now but the bolder choices were the ones I grew tired of the quickest. I would hit a wall when decorating because I always thought to myself, "Well, we can't buy that sofa because it wouldn't match my baby blue walls" or "that color would clash because it won't match my electric blue study". The only two original colors I have chosen to keep four years later is the coffee-colored den because it is my husband and I's favorite room to cozy up together at the end of the day. It complements the stones in the wall to wall fireplace and just has that wrap-your-arms-around cozy feel.The other color we have both chosen to keep is the light grey in our dining room and kitchen. It has been a favorite neutral for us. It is a good balance to bright white cabinets and soft linen tablecloths. I also love that I can bring in gold or silver or white accents at various times for whatever mood I am feeling without it clashing with the rest of my decor.

If bright and bold colors are your thing then go with it! I would just suggest choosing a color palette for your home and stick with it. You want colors that will complement each other and not distract. Draw color inspiration from a certain priceless possession weather it be a painting or a statement piece and pull color from that object. Lastly, be sure to choose a color you love! Nobody wants to paint every two or three years.

Enough of my home-designer-wannabe ramblings for now. I'm off for my second cup of coffee and to begin painting the master bedroom. I would ask you to guess the color but I think you already know what it is.

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