Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Decorating with Neutrals

If you had told me five years ago that I would be obsessed with neutrals than I would have laughed at you. At the time, I was all about lots of color (remember my previous post about every room a different color?) and collecting lots of cute stuff. Mind you, I wasn't into rainbow sherbet colors but I loved colors nonetheless. Even though I still love some vibrant colors, when it comes to interior design I have fallen in love with a simpler, and more timeless style. 

Neutrals don't have to be bland and boring. I love the simplicity and calmness they exude. If you are a lover of simple and clean palettes, like me, then here are some tips on keeping things cozy and interesting and reasons on why I love the style so much.

 I love that neutrals get the attention off of colors and allow you to mix different textures in your decorating scheme. I especially love linen and in the wintertime I can't get enough knits! Various materials add dimension and interest. They bring coziness and warmth to a space. You can also add texture with baskets, glassware, stoneware, and rugs. I have added a couple sneak photos of my newly renovated bedroom below. A special blog post on that is coming soon! 

Neutrals are classy and exude style. They can also be very luxurious.Who doesn't want to sink into a clean fresh bed of crisp white linens and cozy up by a fire in a huge grey wool throw? When thinking of creating a neutral space consider adding splashes of muted colors in with the mix. Add some grey, some tans, some browns. 

In the same thread of thinking, be sure to add some contrast to your look. I recently renovated my bedroom. Gone are the dark brown walls, the collection of gold framed wall art, and the bright yellow curtains. The finishing product was so drastic that I doubted myself and knew something wasn't quite right. I decided that it needed some darker tones to complement an all white bedroom. I have decided to switch out the white curtain rods and replace them with black iron curtain rods instead. I also decided to switch out my brass lamp and replace it with a black antique lamp. It created that distinction between all whites and creams so that they didn't all blend in together and I am now at peace with the new look. 

Those who follow my blog already know that I am in a love affair with the color white. White dishes, white cookware, white cabinets, white cups. They are so easy to match with gold, silver, brass and splashes of color. One of the reasons I love neutrals is because they go with everything! But if you ever need pops of color a plant is always a good idea. If you desire more color then add a vintage rug or some throw pillows. 

Neutrals really make your wood furniture pop! Against white walls, the grain in the wood shines so beautifully. I had forgotten how much I love our bed, dresser, and nightstand because they kind of got lost in the dark brown of my previous wall color. Use raw woods and various metals in decorating with simplistic style. It brings soul to all the airiness. 

I truly believe in making the home as lovely, cozy, and inviting as possible. Home is so much of what we are and how we feel and the way we style it is such a huge part of that. 


  1. So, you can come decorate for me, right? ;)

    1. Thanks, Hailey! Deal! But if only you can take pictures for me! ;)