Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Bedroom Refresh/DIY Wainscoting

I am so excited to show you guys our bedroom refresh! Our room had become rather boring and I knew we needed a little glow and warmth to it. I had been wanting to add some kind of accent wall or wall treatments to the space and finally decided I wanted to do a chair rail and some wainscoting! 

Enter Luxe Architectural. I discovered their products through a friend and was so lucky to be able to partner with them for our bedroom refresh!  They sell wall moulding kits that are peel and stick!! It made our wainscoting project so much easier and way more fun! 

For the chair rail, Josh and I just picked up some at Lowes to use. They have an entire row of moldings to choose from. We measured the entire room and purchased enough to place along the length of the walls. Josh cut them to fit the corners of the room and then used a nail gun to install them. 

You can see the vague lines on the wall of where we measured to install the chair rail. 

Our room was quite the mess for awhile. haha 

A little before photo for you before I started patching holes in the wall (where a tv previously was) and where we installed the first chair rail piece.

We then took the peel and stick wainscoting and measured the length of the walls and decided what pieces we wanted to place where. We ordered most of the panels the same size but needed smaller sizes for underneath the windows and for walls that were a bit shorter. Next up, we peeled the wall mouldings and placed them on the wall where we had measured and marked. To make them more flush and permanent, I went around the room and caulked the outside and inside edges of the mouldings. After the caulk dried I painted the chair rail and the wall and mouldings below it. For those interested, the wall color is "Into the Gloaming" by Sherwin Williams. The white paint color is "Falling Snow" by Behr.

The wainscoting is up! 

I love the dimension and interest that the wainscoting adds to our space! It was a fairly easy project and didn't take that much time! I would highly recommend using Luxe Architectural for your wall moudling needs. They are amazing quality and I love the fact that you don't have to nail a million holes in them! 

Kardiel gifted us this gorgeous Boho Wicker Sideboard Cabinet that we are using for a dresser and I couldn't love it more. The wood grain is amazing and of course, I'm obsessed with the caning! 

I have had my eye on a spindle bed for quite some time and was thrilled to partner with Ethnicraft on their Oak Spindle Bed and Oak Spindle Bedside Table. They are both such high quality heirloom pieces that I see being in our family for generations. 

I am completely loving how calming and relaxed this space turned out! 

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