Friday, March 27, 2020

Ways to Find Joy During Quarantine

We are going on 13 days of quarantine over here so I thought I would share some things that we are doing to stay busy/stay sane/and find a little bit of happiness during this very weird time. I asked my followers on Instagram for some joys that they were finding on these slow days so I have compiled a list of ideas from them, others, and yours truly. I hope I can bring some light and inspiration for those who need it!

Read that book that's been on your list forever. Library closed? No worries. Download a library app (like Libby) or subscribe to Audible.

Learn to sew. If you already know how, then sew face masks for hospitals who could so desperately use them right now.

Order a plant. My plants are making me sooo happy right now. Just looking at them brings me so much joy and a huge smile to my face. Why not send yourself one or send one to a friend to lift their spirits? Some shops that ship plants are Etsy, Home Depot, The SillUrbanStemsTerrain, and Amazon.

FaceTime or Marco Polo your friends and family. This is a great way-and essential right now-to stay connected.

Color! Adult coloring books are so much fun and calm my spirits. They force me to get in the moment and concentrate on creating something beautiful.

Assemble a puzzle. I just wrote a blog post a couple months ago and included 15 of my favorite ones. Check it out here.

Organize & purge! You may never again have this much time on your hands so use it wisely to purge those closets and organize those drawers. It's the best feeling!

Take long walks to get fresh air and sunshine. Instant mood booster.

Set up date nights at home. Dress up. Cook a romantic dinner. Slow dance. Play games or watch a movie. 

Take on a home project. Whether big or small, giving your sanctuary a facelift is never a bad thing! I recently just refreshed my bathroom and stenciled the floors. It was so empowering! I am going to be renovating our den next so stay tuned!

Find a new hobby. Learn to draw, paint, quilt, cook, learn a new language, or take up an instrument.

Set up a bird feeder and observe all the tiny creatures that visit your yard.

Start a new tv show. Some of my favorites shows to binge watch are Grand Hotel, Gilmore Girls, Downton Abbey, Parenthood, Hatfields and McCoys, The Killing, Felicity, Hart of Dixie, The Night Manager, The Time In Between, Velvet, The Forsyte Saga, Broadchurch, Poldark, and The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair.

Keep a journal and recording things to be thankful for.

Take a nice long bubble bath with a book and a glass of wine or cup of tea.

Order some prints online. Artifact UprisingParabo Press, and Framebridge (pictured), are my absolute favorites!

Read the Bible and spend some time praying. Staying consistent in the Word and prayer helps me stay grounded in uncertain times like these.

Plan future trips! Josh and I love to dream and talk about where we want to travel. I've heard that now is the time to book that future trip overseas! (Just be sure and opt for travel insurance :).

Send a card or letter to a friend. Who doesn't like to receive mail?

Plant a garden. Having my hands in soil always relaxes me and to see the fruit of your labor is always a nice feeling.

Repot your plants or start some cuttings. Trading cuttings with your fellow plant loving friend is also a fun idea! Leave them on their porch or send them some happy plant mail! 

Find a fun exercise routine to do at home. Just because the gyms are closed doesn't mean you can't stay active. 

Cook and bake for your family. I am not much of a cook but it has brought me joy and some comfort lately making hearty and healthy meals at home. 

Limit access to news/media. I don't even look up news anymore and I try to really limit Facebook. My husband is staying updated and lets me know what I need to know. This helps my mental health and emotional well being so much! 

Diffuse essential oils. They help so much with purifying the air, boosting our immune systems, and just with our moods overall. My favorite are Vitruvi. If you do shop for some oils than you can use my code "THISTLEHARVEST" to get 20% off your order. 

Have a spa day. Treat yourself to a face mask (if you don't have one there is always online shopping, hello Amazon & Target). Soak your feet, trade off foot massages with your partner, and give yourself a manicure and pedicure. 

Get crafty! I see a lot of people making things out of cardboard and then letting their children decorate and play with them. So fun! 

Set up a backyard family night. Have a picnic on your lawn and if you have a projector then make a movie night out of it. 

Have any fun ideas of your own? Drop them below in the comments.
Let's use this time to be creative and make memories with those we love the most! 

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