Friday, March 8, 2019

My Must-Have Items for Baby

I have enjoyed experiencing motherhood so much! There have definitely been some items that have helped with the process of having a new baby in the house and today I wanted to share those items with you! From the small things to the bigger things, all of these products are ones we genuinely use and love!

Lollipop Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is the best!! I love it's minimalistic design, how it connects to our phones via an app, and it sends us notifications if baby starts crying. This monitor has great night time vision and plays various sounds and Classical composers. We have been so happy with it and the peace of mind it gives us. 

Josefina Diaper Bag 

Hands down, one of my favorite items that I've had for baby! My Josefina Bag was a gift and I've been over the moon about it ever since I received it! These diaper bags are designed in Paris and handcrafted in Spain. The quality of the leather is superb and I love how it doesn't look like your typical diaper bag. It has removable inserts that help you organize everything and when baby outgrows it you can use it as a fabulous bag for yourself! Another feature that I love is the snaps on the strap of the bag can be snapped together so you can hang it from your stroller! Such a fabulous bag!

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker

Coco has definitely gotten a lot of use out of her Levo baby rocker. When we first brought her home from the hospital she loved to sit in it and take naps. We use this every day to transport her around the house. It's such a beautiful piece and one I don't mind leaving out ;). Josh and I have joked that we wish they would make them in adult sizes! It is so comfortable and I love that the cushion can be removed to wash it. 

Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

Our Snuggle Me lounger has been such a lifesaver! From the very beginning, our little girl has been quite active so it's been great for her to sleep in to keep from rolling on her side while she is so little. We put it in her crib, it fits in her moses basket (pictured),  and can be placed anywhere for her to lay in. You can also purchase various covers in all different colors to fit your lounger. We can't say enough positive things about ours! 

This one has probably been my favorite thing we purchased for baby by far. It's a bit of an investment but we knew we wanted more children and there are attachments you can purchase later down the road as you add to your family. 

The Mesa car seat was a perfect choice for us as Coco has loved it and always falls asleep whenever she is in it. It also came with a preemie insert so it was great when we brought her home from the hospital at just four pounds! 

The Vista stroller has been a dream! My stroller I had for my dolls as a child was one of my favorite toys to push around the house and this stroller brings me back to my childhood days of dreaming of one day being a mommy. I love that it comes with a beautiful bassinet (pictured above) that is perfect to take on long walks so Coco can sleep. She loves it and always looks so peaceful in it while I get some fresh air in! I love the old fashioned charm it has about it too. :) 

There are so many things I could list but those are the big items that I have enjoyed the most! Below I have listed other items that we absolutely love! Please let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer them! 

A few of the items listed in my post were gifted to me but ALL of the items I have shared we genuinely have used and loved. The brands I feature on this blog are backed by my genuine love for the product.
Thank you for supporting the shops that help Thistle Harvest grow.


  1. Such a sweet room! I was wondering where you bought the changing basket?

  2. It’s the Nyla changing basket from Olli Ella!