Thursday, April 26, 2018

Favorite thrift finds

I had to take a mini trip to Huntsville yesterday so my mom decided to go with me and we had the grandest time! One of our favorite things to do together is to go thrifting so we hit up a couple shops and found some goodies.

I love sharing my thrift scores with others and I equally love to see what other people pick up so I thought I would share some of my favorite thrift finds to date! Some of my favorite things to thrift are basic (and sometimes unique) pieces for my wardrobe, baskets, and of course, books!

This is an outfit that I scored last fall. The blouse and pants are both vintage with the blouse tying into a bow at the back. Can you believe the pants are "granny slacks" and have an elastic waist?? They are the prettiest tweed. 

Pretty books are my weakness and though I usually look up a book on Goodreads to see how many stars it's rated before I purchase it, this one was too intriguing to pass it was only 50 cents. The sweater is a vintage knit. 

The rust dress pictured is one I picked up last summer and it luckily fit me like a glove! And did I mention that it is handmade? Definitely a good thrift day. 

I love to collect little things for my future children. This tiny wooden wind-up birdcage is one of my favorite finds ever. 

My favorite dress find is this green linen jumper. I wore it so much last summer and I'm excited to wear it again this year! It's also featured in the two posts down below. Can you tell it's one my favorites? 

I'm obsessed with linen so I am always on the lookout for it when thrifting. I always consider it a good thrift day when I get my hands on some good linen pieces. 

I always love finding second-hand books! They save you a lot of money and you can often find vintage editions which I love. The children's books are ones I just found yesterday and I can't wait to read to my babies. 

You can never have too many baskets and wicker/rattan am I right?!? I always love discovering beautiful, unique ones! 

Below is another thrifted dress that I love to wear and it's so comfy yet classy!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my thrift haul! What are some of your favorite thrift finds?