Friday, October 27, 2017

Creating a Cozy Home

Recently in the early mornings I leave for work the weather has gradually become colder and colder. As soon as I step outside my front door into the chilly darkness I wish I was back inside again. Driving to work, I dream of when I can return home to the cozy comfort of burning candles, hot coffee, and chunky knitted blankets.

I think it's important to create an atmosphere for yourself, husband, and family where they long to come home and find those four walls to be a place of refuge and warmth. 

As I was thinking over what makes a house a home (besides the people of course) there were a few things I curated, particularly for this time of year:

textured throws

When the cooler weather sets in I have to have my cozy throw blankets nearby. I always grab one when reading or watching a movie and even when I am not using one I love to have them on display because they give such a great relaxed and welcoming vibe. Try to collect ones with different textures for an extra cozy aesthetic.

piles of books

Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows I love reading AND decorating with books. There is just something very whimsical and intimate about a person's book collection. Browse through your home library and choose a few books to read this fall or a few old favorites to stack on your end table or nightstand. It creates a very warm vibe and makes you appear well-read so win-win right? :)

lighting candles

I love the instant homey feel just lighting the wick of a candle brings to a space. My favorites include Paddywax apothecary candlesP.F. Candle Co., (recently grabbed their "campfire" candle and it is my current favorite), and if you desire your home to smell just like Anthropologie, Capri Blue is the best lingering candle out there. It gives my home the loveliest scent even when I am not burning it.

turntable tunes

This time of year I especially love to dust off my vinyl records and play them on repeat. My favorite albums include my She and Him vinyl collection, my Madman and the Poet album, Ray LaMontagne, Joshua Radin, and oldies like Nat King Cole and Mantovani.

natural elements

I'm not really into all the seasonal decorating. I like to keep things simple and natural. An easy (and super cheap) way to decorate your home is to take a trip to your local farmer's market and stock up on some pumpkins (I love the tiny white pumpkins every year) and grab some cotton or wheat. I also love to decorate with dried flowers.

coffee and hot cocoa collection

I love to stock my cabinets with favorite teas, coffees, and hot cocoas. Creating a different assortment to enjoy and share with friends during the season is something fun to do. I recently discovered Parlor Coffee in Brooklyn, NY. Their coffee has such an incredible flavor and their packaging is so exquisite. 

This blog post is not sponsored or affiliated with any brand or company in any way. 
All opinions are bestowed by my genuine love for the product. 

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