Saturday, September 9, 2017

Some thoughts as summer comes to a close...

Summer is almost over and as it comes to an end there are moments that come to mind that I want to remember from favorite summers past...

Josh and I dining at Ellsworth in Paris and feasting on fried chicken (picture above) 
the summer my friend Lauren and I dressed up and walked along the boardwalk in Atlantic City 
flea marketing with my sister and parents in Charleston 
making raspberry cordial from my Anne of Green Gables cookbook 
picnics and swims at Lake Lanier 
my mom making homemade popsicles out of red plastic molds 
long afternoons getting lost in Paris art museums 
heavenly hash ice cream and charades in a Maine cabin on the lake 
Sunday afternoon coffee chats at Borders with my four best friends 
picnicking on pastries and wine at the foot of the Eiffel Tower 
back road drives to my brother's house for dinner and movies 
camping with the family on Prince Edward Island 
Saturdays in bed reading for hours 
Audrey Hepburn film hunting with my mom and sister 

There's something about one sentence igniting a world of emotion isn't there? How wonderful it is that at the mention of one memory it evokes the happiest of times. These are just a few of mine.