Friday, July 28, 2017


Ten things I am obsessing over at the moment....

1. Being an avid reader, I love to collect books and am always desiring to add to my library. Thrift Books is a very affordable way to do that. Most books you can pick up on there for under $4 and you only have to spend $10 or more to get free shipping!! It's been a life saver for my book obsession. If you use this link you can get 15% off your first order!

2. Publix has the best sherbet! It's so refreshing on a hot summer day (especially with it being in the high nineties as of late). They have all different kinds but my favorites lately have been the sunny orange and peach mango passion.

3. Moonrise Creek is an organic beauty brand I recently discovered when I won one of their Instagram giveaways. Their shop contains an array of handcrafted botanical goods, including plant-based skincare. I am loving their products, especially their liquid foundation.

4. Goodreads has been around for quite some time but I just created an account a few months ago. I LOVE having a place on the internet to keep track of what I have read, what I want to read, and gather book recommendations from friends. Click on the link to add me as a friend
or create your own account!

5. My sister and I love to go through TV shows together while our husbands do their manly bonding. We recently started watching Poldark and we quickly both fell in love with it! A period drama piece and created by the Brits? How can you go wrong? It's a fascinating story to get lost in.

6. I'm loving my Fossil Claire Mini Tech Crossbody. It is the perfect size to take to work and store in my locker with just the bare necessities so it won't take up too much room.

7. When our family gets together we love to play games. One of our favorite games to play is Jackbox Games. It's a collection of games you can buy for your PS4 or XBox system and play with your phones. They are such fun party games!

8. I currently have 18 houseplants. I guess I'm officially a crazy plant lady. I've gotten bored with shopping the local nurseries so lately I have been looking online for my plant needs. I have found that Etsy has the best selection. 9GreenBox has such a great variety of unique and hard-to-find plants. I recently found an olive tree (in picture above) and a lovely blooming jasmine.
What's better than receiving plants in the mail??

9. I just started working at Starbucks and my current favorite summer drinks are an iced vanilla flat white and a vanilla sweet cream cold brew. Both so delicious!
Try one the next time you make a coffee run!

10. I've always enjoyed thrifting but this summer it has become a weekly routine that I enjoy! I make it a point to try to frequent my thrifting places and book shops once a week. Some days I don't find much of anything, and then other days I strike gold! It's also a good idea to check your local library and see if they have a used book shop. I have found some super cheap
good reads by shopping at mine! 


  1. Great list Hannah, you inspire me! xx Katie

    1. Thank you so much, Katie! I feel the same about you!

  2. I love your list and it intersects with mine at books, Goodreads, houseplants and coffee. I haven't ordered plants online yet so I'll have to try that. I get most of my books from the library as our little house has no built in bookcases and no room to build any. It's always a fun day when your blog appears. Keep it up - you have a knack for writing and sharing yourself with others!

    1. Penny, you are always so encouraging and bring a smile to my face. I wish we could meet up for coffee as I'm sure we'd have plenty to chat about! Thank you for always stopping by and dropping me a note. I appreciate you!!