Friday, June 9, 2017

Planters For Days

One of the most enjoyable things to shop for when buying plants is the perfect home for them! Although it is fun to search for the perfect planter for the perfect plant, it can be a bit challenging as well! I rounded up some of my favorite planters for you guys so if anyone is interested...
look no further.

Anthropologie has these perfect blush pink planters and they are very affordable too!
I have one and would love to grab another. 

Target was having a sale today so I rushed there and grabbed one of these guys. The quality is amazing and I love the simplistic style of these stoneware planters. I also grabbed one of these guys
as well since I've always admired them from a distance. 

I adore the traditional terracotta pots so much and this one is such a good one. 

These West Elm planters are an adorable mid-century option. 

These Terrain planters are so lovely and delicate. I love the fact that the largest one has an
angel vine plant in it. One of my favorites. 

Natural Wood  planters bring an added earthy tone to a space. As does this tree bark one. 

If you are wanting to add a pop of color than try these irresistible pastel pots. Honest to goodness, Anthro has been my long-time go-to for the perfect planters. They are surprisingly affordable, durable, and bring that extra character to a home. 

And speaking of bright and FUN colorful planters....these favorite fruit pots 
look good enough to eat! 

Terrain (a gardening shop owned by Anthropologie) is what dreams are made of. Thesethese and these are what I would imagine Mary Lennox would fill with "a bit of earth" to bring back to her bedroom at Misselthwaite Manor. Such old world elegance. 

Fun tip: I adore the look of plants in baskets! Grab a plastic tray (sold at Home Depot or Lowes) and set them under your plant and insert the tray (along with the plant) inside your basket! I have a few baskets with plants in them here and there throughout the house and I love the warmth it brings to a space. Ikea has the cheapest "belly baskets" (as shown below) that I've seen. 

Some other places to shop for affordable--and adorable--planters are: 

Home Depot 
Hobby Lobby 
TJ Maxx

I hope I was able to help you out with your indoor gardening venture! Drop me a line below if you have any shopping suggestions for planters that you'd like to add!  

Have a lovely weekend! 



  1. Love your two blogs on plants. These planters are so lovely and it is difficult to find affordable planters, so thanks for the tips and the beautiful photos, as always.

    1. You are always so encouraging, Penny! I hope the posts were helpful. I had to break down and order some of the Terrain planters myself because I loved them so much! :)