Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Creating a Book Nook

Coming from this book lover, I believe that anyone who enjoys reading at all 
needs their own special spot to get lost in a story. 

For me, it was never a certain place. Sometimes I'd read in the living room, at times the den, and often I found myself reading the most in bed. Just recently I have discovered my favorite place is in my little study.It's really quite a tiny space. It consists of just a futon (made out into a bed when we have company) and my antique desk. The futon is unbelievably comfortable and so I decided to "set up shop". I grabbed my straw stool, covered it with a small fur rug, and laid a serving board across it to make the top even (my coffee mug needed a space too, duh). Add a candle and some flowers and you've set the perfect mood. I may never want to leave...

Do you have your own special place to escape to? 

Sources: Mug: Anthropologie / Throw: West Elm / Serving Board: West Elm (similar) / Woven stool: Tuesday Morning; similar here / Sheepskin rug: Ikea / Over-sized linen pillow: Ikea 
Stars Hollow Print: Etsy


  1. I love this idea of a book nook! You have got me thinking that I should really create one. For now I tend to use the living room, but usually the side table has flowers and a candle as well. :)

  2. Hi Esther! I've really loved mine. I love the idea of having your own special space to retreat to and read and dream. And yes, flowers and candles are always a must! :)