Friday, March 4, 2016

Live Life Beautifully

"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in 
the flowers and clouds and stars." ~ Martin Luther 

I recently have discovered an amazing website and blog for girls called Grace Belle. The founders, Dienna and Lorina, reached out to me one day on Instagram to write a guest blog post for them. Since then, I in turn reached out to them when they were looking for photographers to capture looks for their social media sites. In the next few weeks I will be working on some photography projects for them and I'm super excited to have this opportunity to develop my skills and to challenge myself creatively. 

Lorina and I began chatting back and forth one day and she invited me to go on a road camping trip with 29 other girls this summer to Big Sur. I have never been to California so you can imagine my excitement when my husband told me, "Go for it!". Just the idea of going camping at such an amazing location as Big Sur, with a large group of girls I have never met but who share the same passions for God, blogging, adventure, travel, photography, and beautiful, simplistic living is over-the-top incredibly exciting to me! 

I absolutely love the heart, soul, and vision of this blog and the ladies behind it. Their motto is: "Live Life Beautifully". That's so simple but profound. I meet so many women in all stages of life who suffer from anxiety, stress, and discontentment. In the world we live in everything is so hurried, frazzled, stressful, and people forget that this "life is a vapor". Take time to slow down, cut out the things that don't matter, and enjoy God, family, friends, and all the experiences along the way. Pursue your passions. Dream. Breathe. Do something that you've never done before. Mark off something from your bucket list. Live. Truly live. 

I've struggled the past few years with materialism and at times it can still be a hindrance to me but since coming home I've had to cut out a lot of shopping and impulsive buying. I've tried to turn my focus instead on cultivating passions, interests and having experiences over stuff. It's been so freeing! At the end of my life I won't care about all the stuff I've collected but I don't want to have any regrets that I didn't go on that adventure or took a chance in pursuing the talents God has given me. 

So I challenge you girls...slow down. Don't sweat the small stuff. Breathe. Invest in your passions. 
Live beautifully. 

Photography by Hannah Briggs 

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