Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chain Linked Thoughts

"The Bible is not a string of pearls but a chain of linked thoughts." ~ John Piper 

Just a couple of weeks ago I was having one of my bouts of anxiety. I have read every single passage in the bible on anxiety countless times but for some reason my mind completely froze. I could barely think of one verse. I frantically texted my husband (instead of googling it as I should have done if I had been in the proper state of mind) and asked him to please send me any verses and words of encouragement on the subject. He quickly responded with verse after verse of promises. One of the many texts he sent was a link to a three part study John Piper did on anxiety. As I was browsing Piper's notes I came across some rich stuff. I felt like I had stumbled upon a gold mine. Piper has been conducting these mini scripture sessions, known as "Look at the Book", since June 2014. How was I just now discovering this??? He reads the text with you and then shows you how the verses relate to each other. It's as if you are getting a sit down mentoring session with Piper while he teaches you how to study various passages of the bible. You can check it out, subscribe, and watch the trailer here. It is my new favorite thing and discovery of late. 

Pastor John also teaches numerous part studies on various topics. The first one I have gone through guessed it...anxiety. It was excellent. Did you know there are 9 arguments to combat anxiety in Matthew 6 alone? I won't spoil it for you but you should definitely check it out. This study has helped me see Scripture in a new light and made me realize like Piper states, every passage is a "chain of linked thoughts". If you are battling with anxiety, here is the series I studied. Each "lab" is only about twelve minutes or less so you can go through a particular study in one sitting if you'd like. 

I love making new discoveries (thanks, Josh!) and even more, getting excited about God and knowing him deeper! I hope (and pray) that sharing this with you will encourage you in your walk and shine light on these beautiful ancient words in a new, exciting way! 

Photography by Hannah Briggs 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Hannah! I am definitely going to check out these Piper studies! Love you and praying for you sweet friend!