Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ten Classic Interior Styles I Love

My idea of a relaxing, creative outlet is browsing beautiful interiors and design styles while sipping my second or third or fourth cup of coffee of the day. Some days I surf the web, scroll Pinterest, or flip through magazine pages to gather inspiration. I thought I would share some of my favorite interior designs that I am loving right now and how all of them remain classic styles instead of passing fads. 
  • Floor-Length Curtains 
How gorgeous and luscious are these floor-to-ceiling curtains? I love the elegant and luxurious 
look they bring to a space.  

  • Herringbone Floors 
Searching Airbnb for a place to stay on our European adventure this spring, I have noticed a lot of this type of flooring in Parisian flats. I have really fallen in love with these floors! So chic and timeless. 

  • A Classic Chandelier 
One of my favorite things in our home is our fabulous chandelier hanging over our kitchen table. It makes ordinary meals feel just a little bit fancier and adds charm to our dining nook.  

  • Brass Candlesticks 
You can score some of these for fairly cheap at local antique stores, thrift stores, or eBay. I found a box full in my husband's shed when we got married, polished them up, and now have a small collection on our fireplace mantel. I also love to use them to adorn the dining table for gatherings or even a simple dinner for two.

  • Table Linens 
My friends who know me best, know I love some beautiful table linens. Last month for my birthday and then again for Christmas, two different girlfriends gifted me with some lovely linen napkins. Add a gorgeous flowing tablecloth, a few brass candlesticks or a fresh bouquet, and you have quite the fabulous table. It makes every meal quite the elegant affair.

  •  Marble Coffee Tables 
I spotted the one directly below from a photographer's feed I follow on Instagram. I wish you could see it better in the photo but I discovered that her husband made it for her! Too sweet. I know what Josh's next project is going to be. 

  • Makeshift Closets 
Limited on closet space? Make your own. I love this idea of displaying your favorite (and color-coded) apparel within arms reach. 

  • Portraits 
I obsess over a brilliant oil painting. My old soul craves them and loves spying them in eclectic homes. We recently added one to our cozy den and he has an uncanny resemblance to Josh which makes "Baron Von Briggs" seem apart of the family. 

  • Canopy Beds 
They are my favorite! Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted one so when I moved to Alabama I broke down and made the purchase. Of course, my amazing bed came with me when I married Josh and moved into his home. I love the classic, simple lines of a canopy, or four-poster bed. I sometimes get bored easily and want to mix things up so this way I can keep it classic or fasten the beams to the post and hang faux leaves to create a romantic, whimsical haven below. Someday I would love to try the look below and hang yards of linen draped over the railings. Swoon. .

  • Mirrors 
I enjoy decorating with mirrors but have run out of room for them! There are so many unique, interesting, and intricately designed ones out there! I love how these rooms incorporated them into their aesthetic.

I noticed looking back that you can see several of these elements all together in many of the pictures. My interior design taste is ever evolving but currently, I am loving clean, simple, elegant, and European (specifically, French) style. 

Au Revoir! xo 

All photos were taken from Pinterest. 

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