Monday, December 14, 2015

Home Tour // Den

For our wedding anniversary this year we decided to treat ourselves to a leather couch. We had only used hand-me-down couches since we have been married so we thought it was time to invest in a piece that complemented our own personal style and could be used for years to come. Then for my birthday, Josh gifted me with two beautiful tufted back cream accent chairs. I finally feel like our den has come together and it is a wonderful feeling! I thought I would share a few pictures with those who are interested in our new den make-over. This is probably our favorite room in the house and where we spend the most time playing games, watching tv, and reading. Excuse the photos, there isn't any natural light in this room (which makes it great for watching tv but bad for capturing photos). I opened the side door to snap a few shots of the room without the artificial light casting glares on everything. Anyway, hope you enjoy! 

This leather couch is so comfortable! I love the distressed look it will take on over time. It will only get better as the years go on and I love that. 

My little schoolhouse hook rack is so handy for my trusty leather tote and baskets. 

Perfect cozy spot to curl up and watch movies or read by the fire. 

This trunk was a wedding gift from a friend that knew I love old trunks. It makes for quite the 
perfect cozy corner! 

I love old portraits and after searching for awhile I found this one. I thought Josh favored this dude from the 18th century. I thought it may be fun to tell people he's Josh's great great great...grandfather. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Have a lovely week, friends!