Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Books & Beignets

Several months ago my good friend, Sarah, and I decided to be adventurous and take a road trip to New Orleans. Neither of us had ever been before so we thought it would be a fun experience for us to have together. We both did some research but mainly asked friends and family who had visited the city before where and what they would recommend seeing, eating, and doing. Before embarking on our journey, we both came up with an itinerary of things to do. It's funny now looking back because we totally threw that out the window when we arrived. We joked that all we did that weekend was eat, gaze at buildings, shop, and eat some more. 

After arriving at our hotel, and no, that's not it. That is St. Louis Cathedral. Pretty magnificent, huh? Anyway, after arriving at our hotel, we grabbed some lunch at Huck Finn's Cafe. After lunch, we strolled down Magazine Street (a shopaholic's dream!) and stumbled upon Jackson Square. It was such a muggy day so Sarah and I entered the cathedral to cool off. It was such an amazing place! 
I loved all the architectural detail. 

Next stop: Faulkner House Books. This was my favorite shop in NOLA. I love books period. But books old and new nestled in a tiny space on floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are my favorite. Sarah and I took our time browsing the shelves. Such a charming place. The shop manager, a little elderly lady, was so kind and helpful and answered our many questions. 

I spotted a book I had heard of and it sparked my interest when the shopkeeper told me she had read it and loved it. Sarah told me she had seen the film version and that I needed to watch it. That evening at our hotel we rented it online and watched it together on my laptop and Sarah was right. It was a classic. Loved it! Of course, the next day I just had to return to the bookshop and snag that adorable copy with bees on the cover nonetheless! It was fate. The book? Far From the Madding Crowd

The outside of Faulkner House Books. 

Here are Sarah and I on the street car touring the city! 

Sunday morning we took the street car to City Park. They had such lovely walkways and
 the most beautiful Spanish moss trees. 

This place was such a treat! They had amazing beignets (which quickly became our favorite thing and a staple order at about every restaurant we visited) and wonderful frozen cafe au laits! 

This is a row of houses in the Garden District. Sarah and I tried to tour the Lafayette Cemetery but got caught in a downpour. I just happened to have left my umbrella at the hotel. Good times. 

One of our favorite things to do was to browse shops in the French Quarter. This little shop was so fascinating! Everything they sold was made of cork! Such an interesting place. 

I thought I loved plants until I spotted this home! 

Our last morning in the city, Sarah and I visited this bookstore called Crescent City Books. 
We then went next door to the sweetest little vintage shop called The Revival Outpost. 
I scored a lovely vintage dress with cross-stitched designed flowers on it. I can't wait 
to pair it with tall boots and a cardigan this fall. 

New Orleans was such an unforgettable adventure with a precious friend that I will treasure always. We had many laughs, like the time we wondered accidentally onto Bourbon Street and asked a bartender where the nearest coffee shop was located. I love that Sarah and I could joke about how we are old ladies at heart and instead of staying out late into the night we could be found curled up in bed watching movies on my laptop. I do believe we made a record of the most beignets a person can consume in three days and I also believe we hit every bookstore in the French Quarter. 

Here are a few little treasures I brought home with me from our visit to the Big Easy. I scooped up a lovely vintage-inspired scarf from Urban Outfitters and a couple hand-rolled cigars from The Cigar Factory. Sarah and I observed as two men who had rolled cigars for over 20 years, rolled tobacco leaves and molded them into one cigar after another. It was such a fascinating experience to watch them! I had to bring one home for Josh and myself. We occasionally enjoy one together on our patio at night while sharing our days with each other. 

  I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos from our trip and listening to me share a few of 
our experiences. Thank you, Sarah, for taking this journey with me!I hope you enjoyed it as
much as I did. 


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Great pictures... but you didn't visit a single place I mentioned to you, did you? :)

    1. Not true! We weren't able to go to the restaurant (Mahoney's?) you mentioned because it was too far away to walk to (our car wasn't available). But I did get to try Cafe Du Monde and it was really good! I wish I could have tried that coffee shop you mentioned but we were limited to time and distance. Maybe next time! :)

    2. Cool. Next time check out Mahoney's too - get the Peacemaker! It's awesome.