Thursday, June 25, 2015


I have recently been going through a television show on Scotland and it has totally enraptured me and made me miss this beautiful place so much. How I long to return one day and more specifically, the Scottish Highlands. They are truly magical. I have never been to a more breath-taking place. 

For those who know me best know that I have a special place in my heart for the country of Scotland. My fascination with Scotland began in my early teens. I remember seeing the movie Braveheart and being captivated with the heroism of William Wallace. I often played Celtic music in my room and loved anything with the sound of bagpipes (much to my family's dismay). I remembered reading anything I could get my hands on about the country and to my delight I was able to choose my history credit my senior year of high school. One of those homeschooling perks. You guessed it. I chose Scottish history and while I enjoyed it immensely it only made my desire to visit the country intensify. 

After I graduated high school I looked for an opportunity to visit and to minister while I was there. The answer to my prayers came in the form of Colin and Mary Peckham. I had heard of this couple through some of my family members but had never met them personally. Mary had been struggling with some pretty severe health problems and so the initial plan was to go and live with them for a short time as a care-giver. After I had booked my airline tickets and finalized my itinerary, Mary's health had drastically improved. I had wondered what my ministry could be if I wasn't needed in that area. Colin informed my Dad that he was in the process of writing several small books but needed someone to type them up and edit them before sending them off to be published. Perfect. 

A few weeks later I was on my way to Scotland. For the next four weeks I lived with the Peckhams while I typed up Colin's manuscripts. I often had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. I grew to love this sweet couple and felt right at home in their charming house in Broxburn. With Mary's fiery spirit and Colin's fun-loving personality, there was never a dull moment! They saw to it that I received the full Scottish experience complete with haggis, lots of custard (still to this day one of my favorites), bus rides into Edinburgh, and even a trip to the Highlands. 

Colin was so thoughtful and attentive to details. I remember he purchased me a map so we could trace my trip up north. I still have it. We stopped to shop, have tea, and take pictures any chance we got. We made our way up to the Isle of Skye and took the ferry across to the Isle of Lewis. Every stop was a history lesson, another castle, more tea and scones, and another souvenir (which Colin took great delight in collecting for me). 

While we were in Lewis I felt like we were at the most northern tip of the world. We visited a small church on Sunday that spoke only Gaelic the entire service. Everyone we visited had tea and biscuits for us and more stories to tell. I felt like I never wanted to leave. Couldn't I just stay in this simple, peaceful place by the ocean forever? 

Scotland was an adventure and an experience I will never forget. Colin and Mary both have since gone to be with the Lord. I look forward to seeing them again someday and swapping stories of our autumn together in Scotland that year. 


  1. Hannah, this is a beautiful tribute to one of my favorite places, as well. I'm so grateful for that very special time you had with Colin & Mary. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again one day.